84% of private aviation businesses are wasting an average of $7M a year on turnover.

Employee Engagement Investment Algorithm

Use our employee engagement investment algorithm backed by 350+ workplace culture studies to determine how investing in your employees impacts YOUR bottom line.

Cost to Lose an Employee Single

Even if you are leading one of the most known businesses in aviation, you will still experience a revolving door if you aren't intentional about engaging your employees.

And that revolving door is EXPENSIVE.​

The Aviation Collective’s Employee Engagement Investment Algorithm helps executives and leaders make smarter decisions about proactively investing in their employees based on the impact workplace culture and employee engagement has on their company’s bottom line.

See the Impact of Workplace Culture

Offer a higher salary, better benefits, AND professional development, while SAVING MONEY.

Employee turnover can be costly, but the impact of workplace culture on your bottom line is often overlooked. 

The Aviation Collective Employee Engagement Investment Algorithm helps you to better understand how workplace culture can affect your finances. 

This tool allows you to calculate the predicted costs of turnover in any given year compared to the costs of retaining those employees, helping you to make more informed decisions about the culture of your business.

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