Aviation Executive: It's Time to Revolutionize Your Lackluster Team to Drive Business Growth

Stop Settling for a Team That Cares Less Than You Do.

The aviation industry isn’t for the faint of heart. You know that. But do your people? Based on their performance, it’s definitely questionable. You know you can’t drive innovation and profitability alone, but getting them on board seems nearly impossible. The Executive Circle is your path to make it happen.

René Banglesdorf, Aviation Coaching

There's no denying you are making an impact on aviation...

Imagine the impact your company would have if you had the support of your entire team.

In the Executive Circle, we will dive deep into the training, tools, resources, and accountability you need as an aviation leader to develop your workforce in such a way that they are collectively improving profitability, productivity, and safety.

Meet René, Founder & CEO

The Executive Circle is Led by an aviation leader who has been in your shoes.

I’m René Banglesdorf, the founder of The Aviation Collective. As the co-founder and CEO Emeritus of Charlie Bravo Aviation, I spent 12 years navigating the ups and downs of galvanizing my team to profitable, productive, and engaged.

From facing exhaustion trying to do it all alone to seeing glimmers of hope in team participation… I know exactly what you are facing as a leader in aviation.

My experience as a CEO, executive coach, and aviation board member has allowed me to master building, managing, optimizing, developing, mitigating, and influencing what’s unique to our industry. I’d love to help you master these too.

Join a force of aviation executives who are done working in isolation, surrounded by mediocrity. It's called the Executive Circle.

So, what exactly is it?

It’s THE place for passionate, aviation business leaders to stay ahead of industry workforce trends and development best practices, so they can win over top talent AND build a team where everyone is contributing to the bottom line. Plus, you’ll get access to the team and support network to carry you forward when you hit a roadblock.

"René extracts creativity and transformative thoughts from all team members, which has been a struggle in the past. We were impressed with how she engaged our organization and anticipate the results to be very beneficial to enhancing our workplace culture."

-Aviation Banking Executive

Your journey to leading with influence

We'll help you stay laser-focused, take calculated action, and keep progressing towards your goals.

There’s nothing more powerful than being in a collective of individuals working towards the same goals, that’s why you are still here after all… You want your team on your side, so what could be better than having external support to help make that happen day after day, month after month, year after year.

Click the circles below to learn more about the Executive Circle of Success™.




You are starting to recognize issues in your organization with regards to profitability, productivity, and safety and take steps towards resolving those problems.




You are working to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader in order to better mange all types of team members in your organization.




You are leveling up the systems and processes of your organization to promote clear communication in a way that improves safety, productivity, and profitability.




You are developing a workforce that has a strong culture of passionate employees with layers of accountability to maximize revenue from a variety of streams.




You are eliminating risk by training your team to be self-aware and self-managed while teaching them to consider the impact of processes and workforce.




You are contributing to the industry as a thought leader by developing a personal brand, participating in speaking opportunities, and pursuing board involvement.

The best place for an aviation leader

What's included in the Executive Circle?

We’ll keep things simple in November and December with weekly check-ins and meet-ups over Zoom. We’ll troubleshoot any problems you are facing as you wrap up this hectic time of year and plan for the new year. In January, we’ll add in more structure, including:

Weekly Expert Training

Having led an aviation business, coached executives from various industries, and served on multiple boards, René has mastered building, managing, optimizing, developing, mitigating, and influencing a workforce. In these expert training sessions, she’ll help you master this cycle too.

Each expert training session has a time for question and answer, where you’ll have the ability to bring your triumphs and tribulations to René for problem-solving and celebration.

$24,997 Annual Value

Quarterly Scorecard

Each quarter, we’ll revisit your Growth Capacity Scorecard, ensuring that you are on track with your profitability, productivity, and safety goals.

You’ll receive a report of where your organization (or leadership) is currently facing gaps, and we’ll share insights as to where to focus next.

We’ll update goals as needed and give you clarity on where you are located in the circle of success.

$3,997 Annual Value

Semi-Annual Live Event

In our live events, you’ll hear from aviation leaders who are making waves in their organizations and in the industry. These leaders are fighting the fight to balance aggressive innovation with calculated risk, and they’re winning.

You’ll leave this time of connection fueled up and ready to galvanize your workforce for the next season, making changes that will impact your team, your organization, and ultimately, the legacy of aviation.

$4,997 ANNUAL Value

Better Together Community

Running a business in aviation can be lonely, frustrating, and exhausting. But having the support of like-minded leaders who understand exactly what you are going through makes all the difference.

In our private, members-only community, you’ll have an amazing accountability ecosystem of other aviation leaders and a library of tools to help you influence your team to drive business growth.

$5,997 Annual Value

Formal Program Kick-off Starts January

All this for only $997 a month!

Or annual: $9,970 (Save $1,994 a year)

Our ecosystem of aviation leaders keep boosting profitability as they shift their focus to workforce development. And we are so excited to have you join us!

So, are you ready to drive business growth–together?

What You'll Get

Executive Circle

Bring out the best in your team to drive business growth with ongoing training, assessments, events, and accountability.


$500 one-time deposit required to save your spot for formal kick-off in January. We’ll keep things simple in November and December with weekly check-ins and meet-ups over Zoom. We’ll troubleshoot any problems you are facing as you wrap up this hectic time of year and plan for the new year.

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