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Get Better Buy-In From Employees Without Reinventing the Wheel.

Learn to make incremental changes in the way you lead that will produce big dividends in your team and your organization.

Why this workshop is a game-changer for your business and aviation as a whole

An Engaging, Interactive Experience valued at $10k

You’ve raised pay, hosted team-builders, and sent out surveys. But nothing seems to be changing the fact that your aviation employees are checked out and putting your organization’s success, not to mention general safety, at risk.

In this LIVE interactive workshop led by aviation leader and executive coach René Banglesdorf, you’ll learn exactly how to enhance employee buy-in, energize your team, and boost profits, while reinforcing safety standards and stability in aviation. 

René has taken her experiences hosting custom workshops ($10k value) for aviation organizations and abbreviated the content into this experience delivered live and virtually!

Workshop Agenda

What You Can Expect

The Repercussions of poor buy-in faced by aviation organizations

Reduced productivity. Increased costs. Safety risks. We'll explore these issues and others that the majority of aviation organizations are facing as a result of poor employee engagement.

Part One

The Disconnects between aviation leaders and aviation employees

Aviation leaders and employees are increasingly on different pages. In this section, we'll explore where each group is based on data from our aviation workplace report.

Part Two

Learn simple practices that will catalyze transformation

Employee engagement is at an all-time low. As a leader, you have the opportunity to change the trajectory with incremental adjustments that will produce big dividends.

Part Three

Meet Your Host, René.

I’m René Banglesdorf, the founder of The Aviation Collective. As the co-founder and CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, I spent 12 years navigating the ups and downs of galvanizing my team to profitable, productive, and engaged.

From facing exhaustion trying to do it all alone to seeing glimmers of hope in team participation… I know exactly what you are facing as a leader in aviation.

My experience as a CEO, executive coach, and aviation board member has allowed me to master building, managing, optimizing, developing, mitigating, and influencing what’s unique to our industry. I’d love to help you master these too.

Develop a culture of commitment, collaboration, and safety with simple transformative leadership practices.

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