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Behind the Scenes of The Report

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Aviation Workplace Culture Report

Aviation professionals love what they do but are held back by “less than ideal” work environments. This report gives you the data and insights needed to create an engaging workplace for yourself and your team.

Women in Aviation Advisory Board Report

This report provides 55 recommendations that encourages and supports female students and aviators to pursue a career in aviation, with the objective of promoting organizations and programs that are providing education, training, mentorship, outreach, and recruitment of women for positions in the aviation industry.

Soaring Through the Glass Ceiling Study

The objectives of the study were to identify the key inhibitors to the advancement of women in the industry and, even more importantly, to identify, document, and promote the key enablers, in order to overcome those inhibitors.

Next Steps: Make Aviation a Better Place to Work

For Teams: Workplace Culture Resources

Need better culture but have limited time—and even less of an idea where to start? Hold a workplace culture workshop for your team to build a strategic plan you can actually execute.

Membership, The Aviation Collective

For Individuals: Mentor Membership

Ready to rejuvenate your life and your workplace? Join the exclusive community with industry specific mentorship, leadership development, group coaching, and goal-setting tools.

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