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Build a team that works with you, not against you.

Create an engaging workplace for yourself and your team that ensures the organization’s steady and financially sustainable growth.

Improve Profitability, Productivity, And Safety.

As an industry leader, you care deeply about aviation’s future and the role your organization plays in it. You are working day in and day out to balance and improve safety, productivity, and profitability, but going at it alone is exhausting, unsustainable, and ultimately, costly.

There’s a better way. 

With The Aviation Collective, you’ll be empowered to take your employees from:


Partner with an aviation leader who has seen it all.

I’m René Banglesdorf, the founder of The Aviation Collective. As the co-founder and CEO Emeritus of Charlie Bravo Aviation, I spent 12 years navigating the ups and downs of galvanizing my team to profitable, productive, and engaged.

From facing exhaustion trying to do it all alone to seeing glimmers of hope in team participation… I know exactly what you are facing as a leader in aviation.

My experience as a CEO, executive coach, and aviation board member has allowed me to master building, managing, optimizing, developing, mitigating, and influencing what’s unique to our industry. I’d love to help you master these too.

How We Spark Collective Innovation and drive sustainable business growth.

We combine the power of online training, personalized coaching, and long-term accountability to spark collective innovation in aviation organizations. We amplify the long-term impact of the industry through improved profitability, productivity, and safety.



Our material is designed with the business aviation leader in mind. It’s comprehensive structure leaves you with a clear plan to build, manage, optimize, develop, mitigate risk, and influence your entire team.



With our personalized coaching, you’ll be empowered with strategies unique to your individual strengths. These tools will unlock personal and professional growth in you–and your team.



As your partner, we are committed to your organization’s steady and financially stable growth. We are confident that the best way to ensure longevity in this area is through long-term accountability.

"René extracts creativity and transformative thoughts from all team members, which has been a struggle in the past. We were impressed with how she engaged our organization and anticipate the results to be very beneficial to enhancing our workplace culture."

-Aviation Banking Executive

How to Get Started

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Schedule a Workshop

Our one-day workshops are designed to provide your company with a comprehensive plan for workforce development in business aviation, including how to build, manage, optimize, develop, mitigate, and influence your team.

Membership, The Aviation Collective

Join Executive Circle

We understand the challenges leaders in business aviation face and what’s required to overcome those barriers. Our membership empowers business leaders to transform their organizations with an accountability framework for success.

Eliminate resistance and Lead with influence.

Galvanize your workforce so all team members work to improve profitability, productivity, and safety.

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