What's holding you back in your aviation career?

Need to Transform
workplace culture?

Don't have the
right resources?

Feeling Out
Of Alignment?

Not sure what
should be next?

You are not alone.

I’m René, and I’ve experienced all of these obstacles in my aviation career journey. I believe we conquer challenges, live better lives, and make a lasting impact on aviation’s future with a collaborative approach. We work hard individually and together, celebrate the wins, and coach each other through the hardest times.

I believe everyone has something unique to offer this amazing industry, and The Aviation Collective’s mission is to bring shining stars to the surface and develop their leadership. Are you ready to be a part of a positive change?

René Banglesdorf, The Aviation Collective

Start with quick tips to implement today.

Inspire your team and transform your workplace.
Why is it that some companies attract and retain the best talent while others have a revolving door and struggle to balance business with personnel issues? #WorkplaceCulture. Get started with your workplace transformation with this white paper.

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For Leaders

René Banglesdorf Speaking, The Aviation Collective

Executive coaching, mentorship memberships for team members, and alignment workshops, these solutions allow you to create contagious transformation that moves the needle.

For Employees

Membership, The Aviation Collective

Mentorship, leadership development, private communities, and goal-setting tools, this membership equips aviation professionals to transform their lives, workplaces, and industry.

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