Your business thrives when your people do.

Creating an engaging workplace, developing team members, attracting top talent, and aligning execution to vision are hard, especially on top of your day job. Join forces with an expert in aviation business and high-performance coach to help make it all happen. 

Where to Start

Stop worrying about who ignites change. Build a workplace where transformation is contagious and in sync from your highest level executives to your entry-level employees and vice versa.

Free Training

This webinar addresses how to build a strong, healthy culture with minimal politics and confusion, low turnover among good employees, high productivity and engagement, and consistently good results.

René Banglesdorf Speaking, The Aviation Collective

Workplace Culture Workshop

High-performance business coach and long-time aviation executive, René Banglesdorf will lead you and your team through a workshop that will eliminate workplace tension and catalyze transformation.

Meet René Banglesdorf

The Aviation Collective's Founder, Leader and Coach

René Banglesdorf, The Aviation Collective

Helpful Resources

Aviation Workplace Culture Report

Aviation professionals love what they do but are held back by “less than ideal” work environments. This report gives you the data and insights needed to create an engaging workplace for yourself and your team.

Workplace Culture White Paper

Some companies attract and retain the best talent while others have a revolving door and struggle to balance business with personnel issues. This resource provides you with tips to transform the culture of your organization.

"René extracts creativity and transformative thoughts from all team members, which has been a struggle in the past. We were impressed with how she engaged our organization and anticipate the results to be very beneficial to enhancing our workplace culture."

-Aviation Banking Executive

Organizations That Have Seen Transformation

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