Reflect on Your Reason; Find Your Purpose


If you’ve been in the aviation industry in a technical role, you’re probably familiar with the four forces of flight: lift, thrust, gravity and drag. These forces also correlate with forces that keep a company’s culture right-side up. We call them the four forces that balance workplace culture: respect, resources, reasons and realignment. Do you and your company have all four of these forces?

In this newsletter, we will focus on the third force: gravity. 

You can learn about other forces of workplace culture here:

There is no weight without gravity. Likewise, our organizations are unlikely to make a lasting impact without a weightiness or reasons for existence, right? It’s what helps us to land at our destination instead of being carried away by changing winds—and boy have there been a lot of those lately.

With the pace of innovation today, everyone younger than either of us will have more choices than we did when it comes to occupations. I’m in Gen X. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more and more focused on the impact I’ll leave as my legacy. As with most millennials and gen Z-ers, my kids developed a stronger determination to prioritize mission over “job”. Their generations want to work as a part of a bigger purpose—not to move into the corner office and get the 30-year-work anniversary Rolex. They also need to know that their role in the company has purpose. And, not surprisingly, their job satisfaction rises when they know how that fits into the bigger picture.

Companies need the order found in reasons or purpose, kind of like flights do. I know you’ve been on a flight where during the safety briefing you could tell the flight attendant had to look down and read where the plane was scheduled to go. Just last weekend I heard, “on our way to um, um Austin today…” Imagine if the pilot didn’t know. If she can’t articulate to air traffic control the purpose of the flight, she won’t get clearance to take off—at least not in a commercial operation. Reasons matter.

“People lose their way when they lose their why. Especially leaders.“ – Gail Hyatt 
It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of our day to day lives, but it’s important to take time to yourself to reflect on your reason, purpose and goals. Have you taken a moment recently to reflect on your reason for pursuing what you’re pursuing? Could you benefit from an uplifting aviation community and membership program that will challenge your reasons and goals? If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit

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