Where are all the good employees going?

Employee retention is the million dollar question right now.

At The Aviation Collective, we recently conducted a workplace culture survey with participation from more than 350 aviation professionals from every region of the world, with respondents split among women and men, managers and employees. We created a report to show you all of the data and insights. 

The report is segmented into four areas: respect, resources, reasons, and realignment. We refer to these as the “Four Forces That Balance Workplace Culture” (an ode to the four forces of flight).

In this blog, we’ll show you where managers and employees agree and disagree. Next time, we’ll offer you some opportunities to fill in the gaps and build a healthy relationship between managers and employees.

Here’s Where Managers & Employees Agree:

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This shows the top three areas where managers and employees were in agreement. Good news –aviation professionals love what they do! There is not only a passion for the work, but a recognition of value and responsibilities, workplace culture aside.

The Disconnect Between Managers & Employees:

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Here are the top three areas where managers and employees are facing a disconnect. There is an opportunity for companies to change the standard of the aviation industry without significant cost by, at a minimum, providing a clear path for career advancement to their employees. 

Companies can stand out by providing and encouraging participation in professional development opportunities and by paying employees above industry norms.

If you’re looking for access to professional development, check out our mentor membership. This membership offers industry specific mentorship, leadership development, private communities, and goal-setting tools to help you live with balance and purpose, find greater meaning in your career, and make a mark for years to come! 

Interested in reading the full Aviation Workplace Culture Report? Download it today and let us know what you found most eye-opening!

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